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Premiair Hire




Premiair Hire

This was a complex upgrade that reduced internal IT support calls from 30 per day to none. PremiAir Hire is a national equipment hire and solutions company with 17 specialist branches across Australia. Their expertise in equipment includes diesel and electric air compressors to traffic management equipment. Recently, they started a motor racing team – PremiAir Racing.

Each branch all operating with a different telecommunications system, making it difficult for the business to communicate and collaborate effectively. The organisation also needed to migrate to a cloud environment and upgrade servers, infrastructure, and security while ensuring seamless integration between applications and no business down time in the process.

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Seamless IT and Telecom upgrade

A complete upgrade including a holistic telecommunications solution to unify branches, and a total IT upgrade including servers, infrastructure, DSS gateways, security and single sign on.

Exceptional experience and expertise

Extensive experience in total IT and telecommunication upgrades, giving clients like PremiAir a clear journey and transparency around friction points for management and a seamless experience.

Full ownership and accountability

Managing the entire environment allows Interlinked to drive the entire project, getting a full view of how the business operates and working closely with all stakeholders including channel partners to deliver the best value to the client.

IT Manager, Ramzy Bekheet, had a vision. He wanted to unify and streamline PremiAir Hire’s entire business applications and telecommunications systems. However, the organisation was extremely anxious about uptime, business continuity and processes for managing outages.

Interlinked was selected to drive the project forward. The selection criteria included extensive experience in complex upgrades, end to end capability from cloud migrations to the installation of unified communications systems, and the fact that they would be accountable for the entire project.

Interlinked’s approach started with a deep dive into the organisation, taking the time to understand the business needs, strengths and vulnerabilities.

Rather than re-engineering the entire environment, Interlinked took PremiAir Hire on an upgrade journey from top to bottom based on broad managed IT solutions and the continued use of Microsoft technology. Servers, infrastructure, DSS gateways, security, single sign on were all upgraded, with careful management of how those applications worked together to ensure uptime.

A holistic telecommunications system unified the branches and enabled more effective communication and collaboration across teams. This included an entirely new voice and data stack, Yealink phones, Aruba switches, Fortinet firewalls, Ubiquiti APS, AWS Wifi Controller, SD-WAN and more.

With the ability to predict and therefore manage foreseen issues, and the careful expert management of the entire project, the migration was deemed a success. The major impact from a client perspective was the significant reduction in the amount of support calls and tickets received post migration and upgrade. On an average day, PremiAir Hire’s IT team could receive 30 calls before 7 a.m. Post migration, there are virtually no calls, emails, or tickets, freeing up the team significantly to focus on more strategic initiatives. Users are able to get to work productively without the constant disruption of outages, issues, communication complications or errors.

They have an almost clairvoyant ability to predict problems. They were aware of the challenges involved in a migration of this magnitude, in moving a ten virtual machine on premises implementation to a full cloud environment. Interlinked understood the issues that users might run into and where the friction points might be – before I was.

Ramzy Bekheet, IT Manager, PremiAir Hire